Transmediation entails the optimization grand narratives for engagement and immersion across multimodal (multi-format, multimedia, multi-device) content.

Transmediators use focused imagination and resonance to maintain COHERENCE of their narratives across the Web, print, packaging, signage, and satellite TV as well as beverages, cosmetics and personal care, events, fashion apparel, food, industrial design, and Web services for PCs and mobile devices (including Apps!)

Transmedia practitioners–transmediators–assume a market condition of *hyper-transparency*, wherein the personal truths of each actor (consumer, customer, intermediaries, originating service provider or product innovator, and the entire “upstream” raw material, component, and assembly providers) remain accessible to each other.

Transmedia parallels the emergence of “slow food” and the idea of “soil to plate” and “farmer to diner” — wherein *social* becomes the newest active ingredient in consumption.

Hyper-transparency thus demands the following of all key actors
• Personal authenticity and congruence
• Willing communication and engagement with other stakeholders
• Earned and sustainable trust

This will entail the transformation of marketing–from hucksters putting lipstick on smelly pigs to authentic and congruent “brand advocates” attracting and engaging consumers in conversation, discussion, and reasoned argument.

Who are Transmediators?

We believe that Transmediation will resonate with these stakeholding groups:
• CREATIVES in advertising and marketing services seeking a broader economic framework for their creative work
• Digital “dotcom” BRAND OWNERS seeking effective physical presence of their purely digital brands
DIGITAL CONTENT INFRASTRUCTURE providers view Transmedia as the next big category for generating demand for the content services
MULTIMEDIA PUBLISHERS transforming their content portfolios into active and vibrant guilds, communities, and congresses.

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