Anthony Hemingway speaks about Red Tails @mrgeorgelucas @liquidsoulmedia

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@WCNTV Commentary: JANUARY 20th 2012 will be an opportunity to create a new reality in Hollywood and I need everyone to pay very close attention.  Never before in history has this story been told in only the way George Lucas and now Director Anthony Hemingway who has immortalized our Tuskegee Airmen.  REDTAILS SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS.  Independent Filmmakers be inspired that there is hope in Hollywood and if the audience responds the opening for more films in the future.   Check out the Events leading up to the Opening of Redtails.   Also check out     Please make it a point to support these movies so that more are made and the supporting cast and the Studios in Hollywood know that we can support a blockbuster film like this. With a Star Studded Cast.    Finally prepare for CIVIL RIGHTS TO PLATINUM RIGHTS and the greatest International Public Policy Statement since the Emancipation proclamation.   Thanks you Mr. Lucas for the Guts and the Glory that is the Tuskegee Airmen.  On behalf of America and the Nations, this story needed to be told.  Its our turn now to show you at the box office.   Check out this video:   Red Tails director, Anthony Hemingway, talks about how he came to be the director of the movie, his experience meeting George Lucas for the first time and a bit of his strategy in developing the actors into their roles..

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  1. […] Anthony Hemingway speaks about Red Tails @mrgeorgelucas @liquidsoulmedia ( […]

  2. […] Anthony Hemingway speaks about Red Tails @mrgeorgelucas @liquidsoulmedia ( […]

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