Experience The Bible – A Whole New Way …now marketed – A Whole New Way. Yes Make Money while spreading The Word of God Online.

the (stolen) bible experience?

the (stolen) bible experience? (Photo credit: EvelynGiggles)

Money is spoken about in the bible more than any other subject and today the Transmedia Story of the Bible becomes a Transmedia Brandcasting Revenue generation tool for the first time in history.  Get Paid for Spreading the Word of God.  Below are links connected to the graphics which will take you to the “Join as an Affiliate” link for this amazing biblical work. The Official Bible Experience website and Inspired by Media Group Affiliate Program.

Experience The Bible – A Whole New Way …

The Bible Experience breaks new ground in the presentation of the Bible. This unique, award-winning audio Bible contains captivating performances from a stellar ensemble of today’s top-name actors, musicians, clergy, directors, and producers. This historic production also features a cinematic musical score, unparalleled sound design, and the highest production values.




To Purchase the Bible Experience click the box to the left.




To Join the Affiliate Program click the banner.

May the Lord meet your need according to his riches and Glory by Christ Jesus.

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